Quality control of incoming phone calls

Your company or Sales Department receives many calls each and every day. After all, the telephone is still the most widely used channel of communication. This makes it an important means of attracting and retaining customers. Are you, for instance, curious about the number of calls? Is the interaction as good as it can be? Is the company objective guaranteed?
How many calls are actual sales calls and what is the quality of these sales calls?
On the assumption that you would like to have this information at hand, without incurring high costs and without it costing a lot of time and energy, InfoTrader can offer you a suitable solution.
In consultation with you, InfoTrader will test the quality of the conversations on a number of points through the use of software among other things.
Why? Because not all companies are big enough to set up their own quality system for incoming calls. If you do, however, see the need for this, we can offer you a custom-made solution.

Quality Assessment

As we work with Dutch-speaking staff, InfoTrader is able to outsource the quality assessment of your telephone calls in a cost-effective and flexible manner.
Calls are assessed on a number of points:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Call Technique
  • Knowledge
  • Accuracy
  • Call Result


Not yet using a specific system or software? As we have experience with various systems we can advise and assist you in making the right choice. If you have already opted for a supplier or system, we can easily link you to it.

Phone Calls & Marketing

In addition, when using call recording systems, these can be linked to your marketing activities too. Gaining insight into whether a marketing campaign will lead to actual calls can easily be arranged. The intention here is to use campaigns in a targeted way and to keep a good overview.

Legal Aspects & GDPR

Listening to incoming telephone calls involves a number of legal aspects. These include the rules of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) and the GDPR. Even though personal data from telephone calls is not retained, they are made available, within and outside the EU. Specific rules and agreements apply here. We have experience with this process and can assist you in complying with these regulations.

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