Online Price Comparisons

Markets are becoming increasingly transparent thanks to the internet. More and more companies choose to sell products online or to make prices transparent. In many markets, adjusting prices on a regular basis is an absolute necessity to stay on top.

Competitors' prices

After all, it is very important to know what price your competitor is offering. Collecting data from your competitors is a time-consuming and costly activity. This monitoring can easily be outsourced, so that you have the correct comparison on a regular basis.

Frequent price monitoring

In some cases, building a 'robot' a 'price monitoring tool' or 'crawler' can offer a solution. However, this is expensive and intensive in maintenance. As soon as an adjustment takes place on the crawled website, the crawler must also be reprogrammed. That is why this is often only profitable when it comes to comparing thousands of products. With smaller numbers, it may be cheaper to do this manually.

Because we work remotely with Dutch-speaking employees, we can provide you with price comparisons at interesting rates.

Dedicated agent

It is possible to have a "dedicated agent" or project manager for long-term projects. This makes it possible to respond quickly to changes and take immediate action. Because being and staying informed are crucial matters where entrepreneurs have a daily challenge. InfoTrader helps you compare online prices. Whether this is monthly, weekly or daily, everything with the intention to inform you well and accurately.

Is your pricing still competitive?

A new competitor? A new product or product group? A single phone call or e-mail is often enough to keep your comparison up-to-date. 

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