Custom-made solutions for outsourcing your work

Outsourcing specific activities has by now become an important part of daily business strategies. Delegating tasks that are costly because they take a lot of time could, just like that, be an excellent solution. By keeping the time pressure experienced by your staff within limits, you can focus on the core business. No need for you to hire any additional staff as we will take care of that. Customised outsourcing is what we are good at. Why? Because we listen, improve, execute and save costs for all our customers.

Temporary or Permanent

Outsourcing can take place on a temporary or permanent basis. Knowing that busy periods are under control gives you the space you need to deal with matters that are important at that moment in time.

Customised Outsourcing

As no two companies are the same, we always offer custom-made solutions. What process within your company can easily be delegated, without it affecting your corporate philosophy? Sometimes troublesome, difficult and time-consuming processes can be made easier by simply having the data entry take place elsewhere. As the InfoTrader staff in Suriname already handles the outsourcing for a large number of customers, inexpensive solutions for almost every request are definitely within reach.

Some examples of outsourcing are:

  • Data Entry
  • Digital Archiving
  • Back Office Outsourcing
  • Etc....

Saving Time and Costs

You will not only save your staff a lot of time, you will also limit costs. The reason being that the work will be done well, accurately and in accordance with agreements made. Maximum profit because you have left the outsourcing to a reliable party that has your best interests at heart. We will do for you that which we would do for ourselves.

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