InfoTrader forms a part of InfoTrade, an online marketing agency. InfoTrade has employed staff in Suriname since 2008. Initially these were all online marketing specialists. Several customers asked us if we could also perform certain tasks for them remotely. Competitive price comparisons and listening to telephone calls, in particular, evolved into a separate branch. These activities were registered under the label InfoTrader in 2018. Apart from employing permanent staff, we have access to a flexible supply of reliable on-call workers. Working with a fixed team enables us to deliver high quality at very interesting rates.

Telephone Quality Control

What also became a specialist field was the quality control of incoming phone calls, as in giving insight into the quality of the conversations, for example. How many calls have ended in a sales call and what is the result of the calls?

Online Price Comparisons

Particularly where online price comparisons are concerned we can definitely agree to a competitive rate. Collecting data from competitors is a time-consuming but necessary activity. Monitoring and reporting can easily be outsourced providing you with the right comparison on a regular basis.

Data Processing

Data processing just happens to take a lot of time and needs to be done accurately. Our data entry specialists process your daily data in such a way that it is again available to you the following day.

E-mail Response

Are your mailboxes overflowing and do you lack the capacity to have all incoming e-mails responded to appropriately? But do you, at the same time, want your first-line queries responded to in a professional manner? Our Dutch-speaking staff will be happy to assist you in the quick and correct communication with your customers.

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